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My spiritual journey began in earnest in 2010. Since then, I've been fortunate to study with several renowned Reiki masters and other spiritual teachers around the globe. My quest has taken me to many beautiful places, each with their own remarkable healing energies.

Reiki has guided me on the path to my divine purpose. My life continues to expand, each day bringing new awareness, fulfillment, and adventures.

Perhaps you are seeking your own clarity and expansion. Or perhaps you have heard the call to Heal. I encourage you to answer!

Mount Kurama, Japan

The Path Becomes Clear

My husband and I traveled to Tokyo in September 2018 to celebrate our wedding anniversary. After a week, he returned home to the states, and I continued to Kurama Yama, the birthplace of Reiki, about an hour outside of Kyoto. I stayed in a small village at the foot of the mountain, at a warm, traditional Ryokan Inn with a group of others from around the world. We had come to study Karuna Reiki® at this sacred site with William Lee Rand, founder of the International Center for Reiki Training.

Although much of the mountain was inaccessible due to damage from Typhoon Jebi, it was still wonderful to experience. The landscape was breathtaking, and the energy was incredible. 


In this historic setting, it became clear to me that Reiki was my divine purpose. It was as if the energy moved from the mountain into my bones and my body, and I carried it back with an understanding of responsibility and privilege.


It was during this time and in this place that William received the gift of Holy Fire® III Reiki. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I remain grateful for all that I learned, the friendships made, and for the sacred mountain trails that made my own path clear.


If you'd like to see a video tour I recorded of Kurama Yama, scroll down to end of this section.

Sedona, Arizona

Connections are Made

I first visited Sedona in 2019, when I attended the ICRT International Reiki Retreat, held there each Labor Day weekend. I had seen photos of Sedona’s beautiful rock formations and heard stories of the incredible vortex energies.


I was immediately struck by the area’s beauty, from the sun rising over the mountains in the morning to the vast, star-filled skies at night. The energies made my spirits soar, and I had several powerful meditative experiences.

But the true magic happened at the retreat itself. In this gathering of Reiki leaders from around the world, I made deep friendships and valuable connections that continue to support me on my path, the profound significance of each meeting becoming more clear as my journey progresses. 


“There is no ego in Reiki,” I heard someone say, and I realized it was true. Although our differences are celebrated, we share one goal—to help others to heal and thrive.

I have been fortunate to return to Sedona several times since, each subsequent visit bringing growth and a deeper understanding of my place in this world and our connection to each other.

Campeche, Mexico

My Soul is Stretched

In the spring of 2022, I was invited to a retreat held near Campeche, Mexico, led by a group of gifted of medicine men and women and other healers who had trained for years in shamanic traditions. I was drawn to the opportunity to connect to the wisdom held by the Earth and within each of us through profound ancestral practices.


This retreat challenged me physically and spiritually. There were several cleansing ceremonies that helped to release what no longer served, including the Temazcal (a type of sweat lodge, for purification and rebirth). I met with each of the elders and was grateful for their counsel.


There were a variety of practices to honor the Earth, the four directions, and the elements. At the end, I was gifted with a deep understanding of unconditional love and returned home with greater wisdom and focus.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota

Becoming One with the Earth

I first visited the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in my 20s, returning several times in my 30s with my daughter, and again recently with my twin sister. I wanted to immerse myself in this pristine wilderness that had made such an impression on me—so much so that I had made it the setting for my children's book series, Magic at Moon Lake.

​By the time of my most recent visit, I had completed Animal Reiki I & II and Master training, much of which is “Earth” Reiki, and had developed a greater attachment to our planet through working in my garden. I had added an “Appreciation of Nature” segment to my Children’s Reiki Workshop and was looking forward to time in the BWCAW to discover additional wonders and show gratitude of my own.


We arrived just in time for the peak of the Perseid Meteor showers, which were stunning in the northern night sky. Each day we went out on the water, even in the rain, visiting many of the rock islands and spotting wildlife, including an eagle who often traveled with us, flying from tree to tree.


​I regularly sent Reiki to the lakes and streams, knowing it was also soothing the land and the creatures. In this healing solitude, I fully connected to the woods and waters, becoming one with the Earth. It all served to deepen my commitment to respecting our natural world and helping others grow closer to her.