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Children's Book Series

Introducing Reiki to the Rescue!, the first book in the Magic at Moon Lake series, written by Caroline McLemore and illustrated by Hannah Spinner. Join 10-year-old Shannon as she meets the enchanted guardians of Moon Lake and discovers the magical healing energies of Reiki! 


Shannon’s adventures continue in four forthcoming books in the series, each helping children to become empowered, to be more aware of the world around them, to help them better understand themselves and others, and appreciate the importance of kindness and charity.  


Be on the lookout for The Lost Crystals of Moon Lake (book 2), The Legend of Goldeneye (book 3), and Estrella and the War of the Fairies (book 4), and The Travels of Tala (book 5.)

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Shannon and her dog, Ana

“I’ve spent every summer since I could walk at our cabin on Moon Lake. But it wasn't until I was 10, when we moved here for good, that I discovered the woods of Moon Lake held magic.” So begins a young girl’s adventures in the north woods of Minnesota. In this beautifully told and illustrated story, Shannon and her friend Luke discover magic in the world around them—and within themselves.

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The Guardians of Moon Lake

Meet the Guardians of Moon Lake. There's Daysi, a clever and determined fairy; Master Rinji, a wise brown bear; Kira, a spunky gnome who collects magical crystals; Solomon, a wise Great Grey owl, and more. Join the Guardians as they protect the woods and waters, having many adventures along the way—including a daring rescue!

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About the Author

Caroline McLemore is a Reiki master, teacher, and author who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She’s shown here in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Ely, Minnesota, the setting for the Magic at Moon Lake book series.

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About the Illustrator

Hannah Spinner has rich experience in illustrating American, European and Russian books. Educated in graphics and illustration, she has more than a decade of artistic practice.

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